Project McGyver Tools Playset - Completed

After a week of evenings working on this project, it is finally completed. It took quite a bit of effort to add innovative ways to use existing tools, and balancing it out with safety features since they are toys to be used by small children.  

And this was the result:


Yes, yes, i wish i could have modeled a blowtorch and laser tool too but that would probably be for a more mature audience. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly what my client had in mind. Maybe I'm just still not used to it. I'll try harder the next time around. 

Anyways, back to Project Civic. Yay!

New Incoming Job Request: McGyver Tools Playset

First official project as a Freelance 3D Artist! 

The request comes from Boley Corp, a toy manufacturing company. The job involves making a playset themed around an old TV show Macgyver.  


Basically, I am to take existing tool toys that Boley have and add value to all of them by adding little features that make them feasible to be used as action/adventure/crime scene/mystery solving/fighting tools. 

So what this means is as I work on this new Project McGyver Tools Playset, Project Civic will be put on hold. But I'll be back on it in no time, I promise. 

Meanwhile, stay on the lookout for updates for Project McGyver Tools Playset! (I think I need a new, shorter name for this project. Oh wells.) 

Project Civic: Update #2

So, I've been a little busy recently so this update took a little longer than usual. But anyways... 

I was a little annoyed at how the model turned out in the previous update. It didn't look quite right. So for two weeks, I studied the contours of the car. The challenge after that was to be as accurate as possible while using only quads to model it. No triangles or n-gons. And so, i printed an image of the car and started dividing the car up into as many quad sections as necessary.

After all that, here is the result:



I haven't smoothed out the mesh yet so that's why it looks so block-ish. Lots more detail to add, but i think it's a good start.